Introduction to Show-in Money Blueprint by Internet Marketing Legend Jeremy Schoemaker

shoe-in-money-400When taking about earning money online, there are so many  “gurus” selling their BS books and tips. Eventually, you lose your money (and these gurus walk away with your money).

Most of these gurus even never successfully earned money online except scamming money through selling their useless tips, programs and books.

So, most of the time, I recommend people not to be scammed by these “gurus”. Most successful internet marketers have a blog sharing with you how to do things correctly. You can learn from these guys far faster than reading the self-claimed gurus.

Jeremy Schoemaker is a legend in internet marketing. He got famous in 2005 when he pictured his  $132,994.97 check from Google Adsense for one month earning. So, he is not a so self-claimed internet marketing guru: he is a real guru in internet marketing, and is well respected in this industry.

Just like other successful internet marketers, Schoemaker maintains a really impressive blog at: I always recommend people to try every tips he shared on his blog.

But as you may understand correctly, reading blogs is not a systematic way to learn how to be successful in internet marketing. This is more suitable for experienced internet marketers.

For most of our readers, you may just want to start, and you may not afford trial-and-error by yourself, because it will take you long time.

So, when I was alerted that  Jeremy Schoemaker released his Show-in Money Blueprint, a definite guide for people who want to be successful in internet marketing, I was very excited.

After going through the program, I’m glad to recommend it to you. The program covers everything you need  to be a successful internet marketer, in a systematic way. It is suitable for both novices and gurus  of internet marketing.

The step-by-step guidance and tips are provided. The topics covered  are well designed and very practical. The course is divided into 7 modules, including skills to pay bills, selling other people’s stuff (and being good at it), captivating your audience, social media domination, the art of persuasion, site building in minutes, and traffic tsunami.

So, don’t waste your time, join the Shoe-in Money Blueprint program now to start to earn!



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