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Since 2005, we have provided work at home guide for the public and maintained a live ranking system for all types of paid to programs.  We are very glad for receiving thousands positive feedback.

Work-at-home is often a scam as described in Wikipedia, but there are many genuine opportunities for you to earn money on your computer. For example, Pat Flynn discloses his monthly earnings and sources every month in his Smart Passive Income blog.

The most common question we encountered in last 7 years is how to succeed in work at home.

As Work-at-Home programs are very dynamic, and there are many misleading guides/ebooks/webinars that are confusing many newcomers, we decided to use our 7-year experience to focus on providing practical, and proven guide on work at home in this blog.

This blog is for you, if

  • you want to earn some pocket money with your computer
  • you want to work at home full time (please do not quit your job, before you know how much you can earn)
  • you want to monetize your website or blog
  • you wan to know whether work-at-home is suitable for your or not
  • you want to know anything about work at home

If you have any comments or want to ask any questions, please use the comment box below.


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